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W1: DC (for me) Week

To kick off my first challenge in a year of new (weekly) adventures, I am going to focus on taking advantage of new and interesting resources that I have at my fingertips in DC, but have failed to take advantage. Since moving to DC/MD in September, my husband and I have had a great time touring the nation’s capital and meeting new people. We have completed many of the typical (yet, very interesting!) destinations.

However, what I have been dragging my feet on is taking advantage of the things in the city that satisfy my own professional/personal/academic interests. One of the major reasons that we moved to this city was to have access to lectures, workshops and networking opportunities that we did not have in Ohio. As I have mentioned in my #challenge26 page, I am a list writer and bookmark keeper, and since my move I have been making lists of speakers and events that have peeked my interest, but I have yet to take advantage. I will admit, I get a little nervous about attending events alone and networking anxiety always seems to get the best of me.

So, this week I am challenging myself to not only nix the anxiety and attend an event alone, but to also make it an event that includes a subject that I am interested in learning more about. I have decided to attend (Thursday, February 10th) a lecture about Social Entreprenuership (details about the event and the subject, coming soon!).

Also, during this week I am going to do a few other things in the district that I have been dragging my feet on but yet to accomplish: volunteer at a local organization, explore an urban campus (my higher ed friends will understand) and attend a social event to meet new people.  I also want to have signed up by the end of this week for one more lecture/workshop that will encourage me to continue to network and overcome my anxiety.

So, as I am eager to begin making progress and continue my goals for this week, I will consider the strategies that I use to overcome “networking” anxiety, what subjects do I hope to learn more about in the future and what plan will I make to attend them, and where can I learn about social/fun events to meet new people.

Also, I would love to hear from you:

  • What do you do to overcome your networking anxiety?
  • Have you made excuses to avoid interesting events/lectures because you did not want to go alone?
  • What subjects are you interested in learning about, just because? What are you doing to learn more?
  • What resources are in your hometown that you have yet to take advantage of?

I look forward to hearing your feedback, suggestions and own stories of overcoming networking/flying solo anxiety. I will be sure to provide a reflection at the end of the week about my own experiences with this challenge, as well as more details about the subjects at hand.


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