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W4: Creating a book club… or more?

This challenge began as a simple idea a few weeks ago: join a book club. I am an avid reader, but since grad school I have found little opportunity to discuss… and I mean really discuss and get into a good book with others. To share my thoughts, provide feedback and encourage ongoing discussion. So, I set out this year to make one of my first five challenges to join a book club.

However, a few weeks ago over coffee and a great coversation with @RanaAShirzadi we discovered that we were both eager to not only begin a book club discussion, but to also discuss and support the development of our personal blogging adventures. Thus, a “blog and book club” began to develop. Our intent was to create a community that discusses great books, supports and provides feedback to each other’s blogs and encourages each other to keep reading and writing.

Over the past few weeks we have worked on various elements of this project, names and discussed how this would work. However, this week I have made it my challenge and priority to make this come to fruition. I had to delay my Week 4 post (usually on Sunday or Monday), as we made our “big launch” today, Wednesday, March 2nd. And, so far it has been really well recieved!

Check out information about our club and online community here: http://blogsbooksbytes.wordpress.com/ I encourage you to check it out, give us your feedback and even join us!

This truly has been a great weekly challenge to get this up and moving, and in essense of my year long #challenege26 project to make my ideas become actions. It is also important to note that this challenge is only half done for me this week. To complete W4 challenge for the rest of the week, I will also need to do the following:

  • Research book club, blog encouragement best practices
  • Finalize the details of our first Blog Books Byes Meeting
  • Edit and finalize the details of our website
  • Incorporate details of my new project into my existing blog for added exposure
  •  Get the word out and connect with others!

It’s no coincedence that we chose Unmarketing as our first book, as it has great information for working on new projects. I also hope this week to utilize other resources and finalize some of these plans so that we are starting our project on the right foot. I am optimistic that I will have a substantial reflection at the end of this week, along with some ideas set in place on how I will move forward in the future.

I would love to hear from you… are you looking for blogging support? a book club? If you could create a community like this, how would it look to you? Or, have you created a club from scratch? Tell us what worked and did not work for you! 


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