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W5: Taking out the E-Waste

We (the people, Americans, world citizens) produce alot of trash. 4.6 lbs a day per person in the United States, with an additional 1.5 lbs for recycling. Generally, we are all aware that recylcing is good. We see the blue bins, the funny triangle, papers are reused for scrap and bottles or cans are never tossed into the waste bin. Our communities even make it easy for us, designating various bins for our variety of waste, some apartments even provide nice documents to hang on the refrigerator reminding us what counts and how to recycle. Overall, it’s a great reminder and good system.

Now, here comes the dilemna. I have a slowly growing pile at my door of materials that I cannot throw away or sell. These materials are not listed on my neat recycle reminder sheet or have a space in the recycle center bins. They are all electronics. This week, my challenge is to properly dispose or e-cycle  this e-pile.  

My challenge:

  • To properly dispose of a television, cell phones, batteries and speakers 
  • To answer: what are the State of Maryland’s standards and operations for e-waste?
  • Research  the effects of e-waste/e-cycling and share my findings

Have you disposed of e-waste before? Are you a regular e-cycler? What electronic materials are you holding onto because you may be unsure how to properly dispose them? Comments below and send me your stories to be shared here!


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