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W8: Is it possible to travel and eat right?

Between West Coast trips for my job and Midwest small extended weekends to see family, I travel a lot more than I ever have before. I really enjoy it, whether it is reconnecting with friends and family – or meeting new people and exploring new places on work visits. I enjoy the open road, as well as busy streets, taking it all in, snapping some pictures and sharing my stories.

The less exciting side of traveling is the routine – and I have now got it down to a (semi) science. Packing has become a compact, necessities-only piece of cake (even fitting in a few luxury items!). The security checks and pay tolls are now a breeze. Directions – I got it covered by checking out basic/alternate routes, parking details and meeting times. The routine is now a breeze.

If I had to give myself a report card for traveling, I would get an A for routine and efficiency and puncuality, but perhaps a C for healthy habits. During travels, convenience is everything – which includes food. Unfortunately, fast, convenient and cost-effective meals usually do not include “dressing on the side.” Not only that, but after a long day in an airplane, car or meetings a big juicy burger and french fries seems like the best idea…. just this once, right? Or, even worse… I’ll just skip a meal tonight.

We all know that “just this once” can be a slippery and dangerous slope. So, the #challenge26 this week is to make the best food choices while on the road… and I am jumping right into it. As a sit and sip on my small coffee and plain whole wheat bagel at BWI (Baltimore) Airport, I am pledging to make healthier choices during my week long trip to San Francisco.

This is a busy, full booked trip for work that takes me from San Francisco and through a loop of the surrounding communities (lots of flight and driving time, included). Not only will I prepare to seek out healthy options, but to be realistic enough to note that when fast food is only available, to make smarter choices. I plan to make one exception to indulge if a reasonable, sustainable, local meal presents itself (the benefits of travel!). Overall, I hope that holding myself accountable will lead to better decision making, even when I am famished or tired.

Do you have any healthy (food or not) tips to travelers, whether for work or pleasure? She your stories: do you indulge, skip, make good choices or maybe it always depends. What are your go-to restaurants and ones to avoid?

For more ideas on eating right on business trips, check out How to Eat Healthy by USAToday Travel.


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