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I am a “to-do” list person. I make lists for work, groceries, chores, errands, books I want to read… you name it, I write it down. I am also seriously guilty of internet bookmarking that includes interesting ideas, news articles, tweets, blogs and all things that I think I should read, attend, create, cook and try. But, like many others, the things that get crossed off my list or get a second peek from the bookmark are necessities; things that must get done. I justify in-completion those items with pathetic excuses… not enough time, too difficult or too expensive.

However, after closer examination and some serious self reflection I think the excuses that are more fitting include: I’m scared to try something new, what if I don’t succeed, it’s easier to do something else on the list, what if I embarrass myself or I can’t find someone to do this with me.

This year, instead of abandoning New Years Resolutions in early February with everyone else, I am going to challenge myself (and you, too!) to start tackling my list. Hence, this is the launch of #Challenge26 (the hashtag is for you twitter followers out there). I turn 26 on February 9th, and want to make the most of my year. Each week I am going to accomplish something on this list or challenge myself to try something new. This blog will be a reflection of my weekly challenges and also an accountability tool. I hope that you, my readers and supporters, also provide me with challenges – since it is so easy for me to take the easy way out by picking something on my own.

So, I’m an organizer and chronic goal-deserter; I need to set some ground rules:

  • Each weekly challenge must be something I have never done before.
  • Challenges may be one time occurrences or a daily challenge for one week.
  • I will write one blog about preparation, thoughts, why/how this is a challenge, my expectations and weekly ground rules. Then, I will follow up with a reflection at the conclusion.
  • I will accept suggestions from readers, family and friends – in fact, I encourage it!!
  • I will not do anything blatantly degrading, unlawful or damaging to myself or husband.
  • My hope is these challenges will either: help me to develop better habits, abandon ridiculous excuses, try experiences that provide me with a new perspective and to participate in thoughtful reflection.

So I am excited for this but I am also aware that there are some obvious drawbacks. Some challenges cannot be accomplished in one week. Some challenges may be so important that it is sticking to them for longer than one week will need to be considered. Regardless, I am hoping that #challenge26 will lead to picking up stronger habits and perspectives that will last longer than one week.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Of course, make suggestions and challenge me to do new things. Want in? Let me know what you are challenging yourself to accomplish in one week. I would be happy to share your guest spot on my blog. Your experience will inherently be different from my own, so we can do the same challenge and compare results. Or, you can fly solo and I will provide space for you to #challenge26.

Can’t we all do some good by pushing ourselves? Isn’t it important to motivate others? Think of what we can accomplish when we hold ourselves accountable, reflect and “do”. How many socially good, self good or interesting things are missing out on because we are afraid of failure or making excuses? While I try for a year to do these, join me.


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