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W3: Teching and Connecting

Why do people tweet? What do you blog about? I don’t care your friend’s cousin said…

I have been asked this often and had to defend my social media use from my less-than-eager social media friends and family. For me it all began with a facebook page, a brief stint with myspace and then… I entered the world of twitter in November 2009. At first my social media use revolved around maintaining connections and reconnecting with old classmates, but now it has evolved into so much more. My social media presence has evolved from passive reading >> to marketing >> searching >> connecting >> and now includes a variety of these uses. It’s a relationship that includes give and take, sharing, lurking, branding and connecting. Most recently, I have even been using it as a catalyst for iniatives, volunteering and community building.

I believe that this evolution has been for the best – but with a public presence and social networking comes so much more to consider:

Building a Personal Brand by Careerrealism

Practicing Proper Social Media Etiquette via Forbes.com

Mixing Work and Personal on Social Media via Social Media Today

Privacy Setting from The Social Media Examiner

With so much to consider in the social media world and as I continue to develop and grow my social networks, this week I challenge myself to focus on putting my social media world in order. With all of the tools, resources and strategies out there, I feel that it is time for me to stop passively “liking” and “bookmarking” and DO. My challenge is to put all of these wonderful resources in order, use tech to connect and set myself up for social media success in the future.

Here is what this challenege looks like:

  • First, to get all of my existing resources in order: get back to inbox zero (and google reader zero), clean out faves/bookmarks, and sync/edit my current networks (Facebook Accounts, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicous, WordPress, Google Reader).
  • Step out from behind the screen/phone and take advantage of TweetUps and MeetUps: Attending the DC Social Media Meeting this Wednesday – to network and learn tricks from the most engaged in my community. Set up future meetings, too.
  • Explore new social media tools: What do you use that I should consider? What Tech and Social Media resources do you recommend that helps you be efficient and effective?
  • Share my findings on my blog! To chat about them via social networks and F2F with my colleagues.

What I hope to gain from this #challenge26 is to make my own social communication more effecient, effecitve and meaningful. It is important to me that I “do as I say.” I am always preaching to my non-twitter friends and peers that social media is not about spamming, nor posting mindless chatter about what my friend’s cousin said. For me, it is about making meaningful personal/professional connections, learning, reflecting and contributing to multiple communities. It’s not about living online, but using resources and connections of a global world to make things happen for yourself and others online and offline. This week 3 challenge for me is about living this philosophy and using the right tools/resources to make the most of it.

This challenge is about me… but it’s also about social media – so, it’s about you, too! Contribute share, disagree/agree and participate with me this week and beyond!


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